Before the Lawyer

I have never actually met anyone excited about hiring a lawyer. So what do you do when you are facing legal problems but don't want to use a lawyer?

After 15+ years of working with people trying to avoid lawyers and court and looking for the right kind of help with their legal problems, I decided to design a business that provides just that. 

A new type of service offering personalized support focused on helping you manage and resolve your everyday legal issues.

Together we can explore all of your options before hiring a lawyer so you don't overpay for solutions or get overwhelmed by the process. The right kind of legal help for people.... before the lawyer.

And if hiring a lawyer is the right next step, we will get you ready for that too.  We support you through hiring and managing your lawyer, saving you time and money.

What my clients are saying

Contract Breach


"For 3 months, you were there for me, every step of the way, breaking everything down into manageable steps."

Government Dispute


"It is not hyperbole to say that your legal expertise and guidance saved us from total ruin."

Business Conflict


"I would recommend you because of your ability to understand not just the law but human nature."

Contract Termination


"There are not enough adjectives to describe how fantastic your services are. No legal jargon and real solutions."

Sale of Business


"I shudder to think what the outcome would have been without you, thank you."

Sale of Business


"I can't believe how quickly you grasped our tricky situation in just 1 phone call."

If lawyers and judges insist that every legal solution must involve them and every road to justice must come through them, we'll never get anywhere.

Start Today

In my experience, there is an early window with legal issues where things can be solved quickly before escalating.

When you miss that window, things become more complicated.

  • You lose track of the important details and documents.
  • The other side becomes less interested in solutions and stress increases for everyone.
  • Motivation decreases and your legal problem becomes another thing on your list that you dread and avoid.

That’s why I help people take action quickly. I dive into the details of your situation and find a path forward, right away.

Whether you are in that early window, or you can feel it closing, just start today.

Taking Action Always Helps

Let's start together

I have helped hundreds of people just like you take quick control of their legal issues.

I will help you explore all your options with new ideas and solutions.

The best part of my day is talking with people like you.